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The MOTUS technology has changed patients’ experience in pain-free hair removal treatments.
Today, DEKA’s MOTUS family is expanding with the introduction of MOTUS PRO: A two complementary wavelength platform (755nm Alexandrite + 1064 Nd:YAG), revamped in its style and performance with increased power levels, faster treatments, a broad range of spot size (until 24 mm) and specific pulses which make this novelty one of the most advanced and flexible in the dermatology realm.

Motus AY uses a combination of the most common wavelengths: Alex 755 nm – the most effective in hair removal and Nd:YAG 1064 nm in vascular treatments.

After the success of the AGAIN platform, DEKA has designed and realized an improved platform in its style performance and style: AGAIN PRO - with increased power levels, unparalleled treatment speed and new specific pulses to treat also fair and thin hair and to maximize the efficacy of vascular treatments. AGAIN PRO introduces a more effective and extremely flexible dual-wavelength system delivering reliable, cost-effective treatments to all hair type (even the finest and lightest) in the fastest and safest way. Treatment time is reduced by 50% and performance is increased thanks to the wide range of spot sizes and higher system power. It is equipped with two complementary wavelengths: 755 nm Alexandrite, the only effective one for fine and fair hair, and 1064 nm Nd:YAG - that penetrates deeper into the skin for better results and a wide range of selectable standard handpieces (up to 12 spot size available) and 4 selectable Moveo handpieces (HR, PL, VL, SR) for faster and more comfortable treatments. AGAIN PRO Introduces an optimized pulse for vascular treatments which maximizes efficacy while reducing pain.

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