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DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali
DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali
We have been an innovation epicenter
for over 30 years
for the entire medical sector worldwide.
A 100% international company.
Present in 120 countries with an entirely Italian production.
Our mission, rooted into both present and past, is that of elevating the work of physicians and promoting the well-being of their patients. We commit to deliver innovation by means of revolutionary systems, cutting-edge technologies, advanced applications and new therapeutic frontiers. Our multidisciplinary team works relentlessly to develop products and safe, effective and high-performing solutions, always more innovative. Our added value is found in the ability to harmonize the interaction between man and machine, allowing them to coexist naturally.
Guiding change with Innate Ability
Innate Ability is our response to this dichotomy. We are in an era in which we constantly speak about emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our consolidated experience and our know-how allow us to decodify the present and predict the future. We are ready to embrace this tendency with our Innate Ability, which allow us to work and create innovation and technology to support physicians and patients.
The group constitutes the strength.

Being part of an international group meand having the privilege to collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in the respective sectors, which are part of our team. These people are true professionals who dedicate all their energies everyday to guarantee that your demands are met timely.

We recognize the value of having highly qualified experts from different parts of the world who collaborate together to reach a common goal; Your complete satisfaction. It is our sincere commitment to guarantee that your demands are handled with maximum dedication and professionalism, exploiting expertise and the resources we have at our disposal at best.

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A group made of authentic values.

Our Added Values

Know-How, R&D and Innovation: Unique in a unique sector.
Our position in the high-technology products field and worldwide competition require a constant commitment in the research and development of new products and technologies. What sets us apart is the ability to think uniquely and to innovate, taking into consideration the demands of physicians and patients in the medical sector. We start from an intuition which stems from a constant and deep observation of problems which are still without a solution. The strength of our research activities is found in our advanced internal laboratory and in the numerous collaborations with important research centers, hospitals and universities, both at national and international level. This synergy allows us to pursue the research of cutting-edge solutions, creating a fertile environment for innovation.

Product quality and safety.
Each day we commit to provide valuable products to our clients in order to establish a loyalty process based on quality, reliability and safety, and to ensure that such product requirements are recognized and appreciated and that each action which is necessary to guarantee their legal compliance is carried out. We always focus maximum attention to the design and development phases of our systems; moreover, our value comes indeed from the study and application of increasingly selective, effective and safe methodologies. We want to be sure that our products are safe for you and for your patients, and we therefore strive to employ only the highest quality components.

People at the center: Expertise and passion make the difference.
The true difference is made by the expertise and the passion of our people. At the El En Group we have collected a wealth of knowledge on physics, biomedical and technological phenomena in over 40 years’ experience. This knowledge provides us with a marked ability to innovate our know-how, production technologies, processes, products and related services. Our commitment is focused on creating a constructive and dynamic work environment that supports diversity of people and talents, offering stimuli and professional growth opportunities. We recognize the importance of valuing each individual and we strive to provide a stimulating work environment, where each one can express their potential to the fullest. We are cognizant of the fact that it is the people, with their expertise and passion, who make the innovation and success of our Group possible. We put people at the center of everything we do, creating an environment that fosters their development and their well-being.

Sustainability: Our vision for a better future.
El En Group’s Sustainability Plan represents our strategy related to ESG issues and it is a fundamental element to define the objectives and the necessary actions to reach them. Our plan, which spans a five-year period, includes 18 sustainability objectives and 43 solid actions to reach them. Each objective is correlated with a specific macro-area (Governance, Economic Responsibility, Product Responsibility, Responsibility towards Human Resources, Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility) and faces the material issues related to each area. Sustainability is, first of all, a commitment to carrying out concrete actions which contribute to a better future for all of us.

Ethical responsibility: Our corporate culture.

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards our society and the environment around us. For this reason we have adopted a Group Ethical Code which reflects our corporate culture, based on ethical and social responsibility in the execution of all our activities. This code represents our values and our guidelines for an ethical and responsible behavior in every context. We commit to maintain the highest standards of integrity, transparency and respect, thereby contributing to creating a positive impact on our society and the environment.

Certifications: Our guarantee of quality.
Our products and our quality system are certified by major agencies worldwide and represent proof of our commitment to quality and compliance with international regulations. We commit to maintaining the highest standards and to undergoing the strictest verification processes in order for our clients to completely trust our products and our services. Our dedication to certifications reflects our commitment to offer our clients reliable and high-quality products, while ensuring they meet the required standards at national and international level.

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Our professionalism and dedication represent a significant result, attesting to the achievement of
high standards.
  • “A game changer is literally something that alters the way we do things, and we don’t have a lot of game changers that come along every day in medicine. I like to use the word game changer with MonaLisa Touch® because it is fulfilling a huge void for women. I was very willing to try this because it’s a huge need. It’s a huge therapeutic area. Results are almost immediate. As part of the protocol, we had patients that, after their first treatment, hand down they were improved moisture, less pain, less pressure.”
    Mickey Karram, M.D. Director of Fellowship Program on Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH (USA)
DEKA Academy
High-level training for you.
We believe in human potential and in the strength of innovation. If you share our values and endorse what we offer, send us your application.
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The exclusivity for DEKA's medical lasers' physicians.
If you are a physician who uses DEKA's laser technologies we offer a reserved area dedicated to you. Do you possess a DEKA device? Join our Club and discover the exclusive advantages thought exclusively for you.

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Job opportunities

As El.En. Group, we are always searching for talents.

We believe in human potential and in the strength of innovation. If you share our values and endorse what we offer, send us your application.
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