DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali
We have been an innovation epicenter
for over 30 years
for the entire medical sector worldwide.
A 100% international company.
We are part of El.En. Group, a group made of new technologies
Our mission, rooted into both present and past, is that of elevating the work of physicians and promoting the well-being of their patients. We commit to deliver innovation by means of revolutionary systems, cutting-edge technologies, advanced applications and new therapeutic frontiers. Our added value is found in the ability to harmonize the interaction between man and machine, allowing them to coexist naturally.
Since 1991, guiding change with
Innate Ability
Our consolidated experience and our know-how allow us to decodify the present and predict the future. We are ready to embrace this tendency with our Innate Ability, which allow us to work and create innovation and technology to support physicians and patients.

1991-2000 From the beginning

  • - Development of CO₂ laser systems for gynaecology
  • - Patent of the first laser system for Laserlipolysis (SmartLipo®)

2000-2005 More sources

  • - Patent of the IPL pulsed light technology (Photosilk)
  • - Launch of the first MEL@308 nm source (Excilite)

2005-2010 New technologies

  • - First CO₂ fractional laser (DOT Therapy and Madonna Lift)
  • - Launch of the first CO₂ vaginal treatment (MonaLisa Touch)

2010-2015 Moveo Technology

  • - The first multipass Alexandrite laser for hair removal

2015-2020 Coolwaves

  • - Launch of Coolwaves® treatments first microwave for body contouring (Onda)

2020-2025 Pro Era

  • - Specific Wavelength Laser Acting on Collagen (Red Touch)
  • - The most powerful laser for vascular treatments
  • - Launch of TOP FMS (Schwarzy and Dr. Arnold)
  • - Launch of Double Wavelenght CO₂ + 1540 nm (DuoGlide)
  • - 30mm handpiece spot size in Alexandrite Hair Removal (Again)
  • - Launch of PRO systems (RedTouch PRO - Again PRO - Onda PRO)
A group made of authentic values
Unique in a unique sector
In the competitive high-tech product sector, our focus is on ongoing research and innovation to create unique products and technologies. We prioritize the needs of medical professionals and patients, benefiting from an advanced in-house lab and extensive collaborations with prominent research centers, medical facilities, and universities globally.
Product quality
and safety.
Each day we commit to provide valuable solutuions to our clients. DEKA ensures that these product standards are acknowledged, and legal compliance is upheld. The focus is on providing safe products for both clients and patients, achieved by using top-quality components.
People at the center:
Expertise and passion make the difference.
DEKA is dedicated to establishing a positive and vibrant workplace that values diversity and various talents. They aim to foster professional growth and offer opportunities for individuals. Recognizing the significance of each person, they seek to create an environment where everyone can unleash their potential effectively.
Ethical responsibility:
Our corporate culture.
DEKA, as part of Elen Group, acknowledges its obligation to society and the environment and has implemented a Group Ethical Code that mirrors its corporate culture. This code is rooted in ethical and social responsibility across all operations, embodying values and directives for ethical conduct. The commitment involves upholding integrity, transparency, and respect to generate a positive influence on both society and the environment.
Sustainability: Our vision for a better future.
Discover our Sustainability Plan
Imagine a place, in which the most advanced technology meets light.
We are that place.
More than 40 solutions, discover our products.
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DEKA M.E.L.A. S.r.l.
Via Baldanzese, 17 - 50041
Calenzano (FI), Italy

+39 055 8874942
+39 055 8832884

Company Register of Florence / Fiscal Code 04190470486

VAT IT04190470486

REA Firenze: 425321

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