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DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali
DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali

Luxea Plus

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Accessories and insights

5 Pulsed Light Handpieces

Lilac, Viridis, Lazur, Ruber, Genus AX: latest-generation IPL handpieces optimising cooling, ergonomic, efficiency and comfort for pratictioner and patients.

1 RF Handpiece with 5 Tips

1 RF Handpiece with 5 Tips
Setis radiofrequency handpiece is conceived to treat cellulite and sagging skin. It comes with 5 different interchangeable tips (for every patient’s needs) and a built-in temperature sensor.

6 Laser Handpieces

6 Laser Handpieces Sparks, Flash, Insight, Prisma, Vivid, Erise: all miniaturised laser sources ensure high-performing treatments in a wide range of applications. All are easy to handle and light in weight.

Medical Fields
Aesthetics and Dermatology

IPL, Nd:YAG 1064 nm, QS Nd:YAG 1064/532 nm, Diode 980 nm, Fractional 1340 nm, RF Setis, Er:YAG 2940 nm

1 Solution, Limitless Possibilities: Vascular Lesions | Anti-Ageing & Wrinkles Acne | Tattoo Removal | Hair Removal | Benign Pigmented Lesions | Cellulite | Dermatologic Surgery | Onychomycosis | Skin Imperfections | Skin Tightening

  1. All-In-One Solution

    A single, modular workstation that expands with your clinic: 8 different technologies, 12 handpieces, more than 18000 available protocols.

  2. Remote Diagnostics

    For immediate remote diagnostics and quick software updates.

  3. Upgradable System

    A small initial investment that can be progressively expandend, to respond quickly and effectively to new patient needs.

Technological innovation and long-standing experience result in a smart expandable modular system that combines new generation intense pulsed light, laser and RF for a broad range of aesthetic and dermatological applications, all enclosed in a single system. This complete, modular, upgradable and continuously expandable system comprises 12 between FT pulsed light, RF and laser handpieces available - all with a Plug & Play connection - for a wide range of skin and beauty treatments.

  1. Benign Pigmented Lesions

  2. Vascular Lesions

  3. Hair Removal

  4. Acne

  5. Vascular Lesions

  6. Tattoo Removal

  7. Photo rejuvenation

  8. Stretch Marks

  9. Non Invasive Body Shaping

  10. Skin Surgery

  11. Skin Laxity

Accessories and insights
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