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DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali
DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali

RedTouch PRO is the response by DEKA to the new demand for facial skin rejuvenation with minimally-invasive solutions. REDTOUCH PRO, thanks to its unique and exclusive wavelength, works on 3 levels: Wrinkles, dyschromia and vascular, allowing us to obtain total skin regeneration. The ReLive treatment acts in a preventative and improving manner on skin ageing, maximizing the filler effect in a completely natural way. RedTouch PRO represents today a new solution to meet the demands of professionals and patients who increasingly require effective, non-invasive, painless, downtime-and-side-effect-free procedures.

A New Advanced Technology for PROfessionals.
RedTouch PRO is the evolution of the RedTouch system, improved in performance: Power, energy transmission modality and cooling: Technological aspects which impact treatment speed, its tolerability and efficacy. RedTouch PRO, to date, is a unique and exclusive system, not comparable with other systems: it is the answer to an increasingly significant demand, that of obtaining effective treatments, with no downtime or limitations to social life. RedTouch PRO also adds the MOVEO modality: By broadening its application to dark phototypes or tan skins, allowing for an uncomparable treatment speed and handling.
The RedTouch PRO handpiece, with an integrated scanner system, has been designed to achieve best performance in transmitting energy to the skin with optimized ergonomicity.

675 nm: Exploring a New Selective Wavelength.
RedTouch is the first and only system that uses this wavelength: never used before on the market and the most selective for collagen. Compared to the systems currently on the market that target water present in the skin, the RedTouch acts directly on the collagen contained in the dermal layer.

Mechanism of Action
Microzones of thermal damage (about 1 mm diameter) induce an immediate consecutive collagen fibers denaturation that leads to a neocollagenesis process. Due to an integrated cooling system and the 675 nm wavelength selectivity, the epidermal layer is not damaged. Thus minimizing the side effects and related downtime.

The Advantages of Excilite μ over Traditional Phototherapy Excilite μ combines the advantages of traditional phototherapy with UV lamps (such as NB UVB or PUVA) and phototherapy with excimer lasers. Excilite μ protects the healthy perilesional skin thanks to its special filters, it minimizes side effects such as erythema and burns, it doesn’t require the use of drugs, the re-pigmentation process is faster and effective in all areas. Excilite μ in Comparison with Excimer Lasers Like excimer lasers, Excilite-μ has a monochromatic emission with the same wavelength of 308 nm and high intensity (50 mW/cm²). However, compared to lasers, Excilite-μ offers significant advantages: Treated areas are larger (30 cm² spot size), treatments are faster and the maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

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