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After the success of the ONDA Platform, DEKA has designed a specific handpiece, introducing a new solution: PGW (Precision-GigaWave Technology), which allows to work in an even more precise and selective manner. A new handpiece enhances the performances of ONDA PRO: POCKET, characterized by a special action depth which effects a specific tightening and lifting. ONDA PRO is the new and sole revolutionary technology for remodeling and reshaping.

With Coolwaves®, Onda Plus acts on cellulitis, localized adiposities and skin laxity all over the body, in particular on the abdomen, thighs, hips and submental area. It dissolves fat, tightens and contours the skin, firming up tissues. Through a new handpiece that acts on microcirculation Onda Plus maximizes the efficacy of Coolwaves®, offering a complete body shaping treatment and optimizing results in total safety and short time.

Coolwaves® are outstanding microwaves that selectively target fat cells to reduce localized fat deposits and cellulitis in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. Coolwaves® deeply destroy the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells and act on the connective tissue among the adipose lobules of cellulite. The immediate shrinkage of dermis collagen fibers and new collagen production stimulation make tissues compact and toned.

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