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DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali
DEKA Laser - sistemi laser medicali

SmartXide Touch V²LR

Game Changing Therapy for Women Intimacy
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Set-up Complete with Scanning Systems.

Set-up Complete with Scanning Systems. SmartXide Touch is equipped with a full range of new scanning systems, optimized in shape, weight, and size to maximize handling. Hi-Scan V2LR Scanning system designed to treat menopausal urogenital syndrome. Fractionated CO2 laser energy is transmitted to the vaginal walls, effectively stimulating tissue regeneration for unequalled results. This scanning system can be used with different types of probes, both for treatments inside the vaginal canal, making it adaptable to the needs of all patients.

PSD (Pulse Shape Design)

The PSD (Pulse Shape Design) technology makes it possible to choose among various impulse modalities to be able to manage selectively the vaporization depth and the thermal effect: S-Pulse, D-Pulse. H-Pulse, U-Pulse, CW. By varying the impulse modality on the area concerned you obtain different ablation and stimulation effects to meet the various clinical needs. D-Pulse is an exclusive pulse shape designed specifically for the MonaLisa Touch treatment, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness without any side effects."

Medical Fields

CO2 10600 nm

The CO₂ Laser System Purposely Designed for the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment. SmartXide Touch V²LR Unique and Exclusive Features Make it the Optimal Solution for GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome)

  1. Designed Properly for MonaLisa Touch®

    A special pulse shape (D-Pulse) has been specially developed for treating vaginal mucosa effectively and safely.

  2. (+)80 Peer Reviewed Studies

    More than 80 international publications have confirmed the great efficacy and safety of the MonaLisa Touch procedure.

  3. Knowledge and Expertise

    SmartXide Touch has resulted from decades of pioneering experience in Co2 laser.

SmartXide Touch is the truly decisive laser for MonaLisa Touch®, the best known procedure to treat vulvo-vaginal conditions in menopausal, breast cancer survivors and hysterectomized women. MonaLisa Touch® acts on atrophic vaginal tissue restoring the functionality of vaginal mucosa. It calms down - or eliminates -the most common symptoms that affect women's quality of life and intimate relationship, such as: vaginal dryness, itching and burning and dyspareunia.

  • One for MonaLisa Touch® Laser scanning system
  • One for RF Touch system.
  1. MonaLisa Touch (Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy)

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